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Hi, I have received an offer from Queen Mary's University of London and University of Surrey to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. They both have their advanatges and drawback and I would like some advice on how I should choose my univeristy.

QMUL is in London and 15 minutes away from Canry Wharf. The commute home for me is 1 hour by train. The teaching is good and has a silver award in tecahing. The accomodation will probably be right next to the campus and there are many grocery stores right necxt to campus and the accomodation. The univeristy has great extra cirriculars that are academic and non- academic, plus being in London I have alot to do outside univeristy life.

Surrey on the other hand is outside the main city of Guildford. They have the 5G innovation research, the space centre and other labs so the tecahing would be research led. The commute home for me would be 2 hours by train. The teaching is really good and has a gold award. But the accomodation I want to apply for is on their second campus which is about a 20 minute walk from the campus I study at. The extra cirriculars in sports is also on the other campus and the engineering extra cirriculars is on the main campus I would study at. Would be difficult to keep commuting back and forth between the campuses? The main grocery stores are near the second campus or in the City.

The students I had spoken to said that the univeristy has alot to do on campus but outside campus there isn't as much to do as comapred to London. If I want to apply for a part time job it would be very hard to do so studying at Surrey; but at QMUL it would be easier to find a part time job , which may even be on campus.

Would studying at any campus affect the chances of getting a placement in the placement year or after graduation?
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I got two offers from Surrey and two for QMUL for biomed and biochem Msci, and I chose QMUL to firm and Surrey to insure due to the lower entry requirements, and I preferred the feel of QMUL and the library.

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