How is the General Experience with Birth Control among Women?

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It's no secret that ALL female birth control options have really common and horrible side effects

From things like depression, mood-swings, suicidal thoughts and more, we talk about it a lot and because of this many couples are starting to use condoms only in their relationships.

I'm wondering how the general consensus of hormonal birth control is among women of the TSR?

I feel like most women are pressured heavily by their male partners because men don't like condoms and women generally can't tell the difference between a condom and no condom.

What are your experiences? What are your friends experiences? What exactly do you do for contraception? Do you make him pull out? Does he always wear a condom? Why not?

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The withdrawal method is not a reliable form of contraception.
Condoms protect against infection as well and should be used with new partners even if there is a form of contraception.
Not ALL methods have definite horrible side effects. If something works well, not as many people talk about. If someone has a negative reaction, we moan about it and one negativity is easier to believe than the ten good things you heard just before.
Every woman is different. Some women find hormonal contraception helps their moods because it enables them to stay more balanced throughout the cycle.

Being pressured into having sex without a condom because he says so, isn't giving consent and is a form of sexual assault, even if the partners have had consensual sex before. Not okay.

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