Giving A-Levels another go

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Right here we go again

About me

Hi i'm Juliette and i'm the biggest procrastinator going. I will do anything other than revise or study (it's actually pretty impressive the number of times i can completely reorganise my room before i'll finally sit down and pick up a textbook) so I'm giving this blog a go to see if it will help motivate me and also distract me from the total collapse of the world with cOroNa.

I didn't apply to university in year 13 because i knew i wanted to take a gap year, plus my predicted grades left much to be desired, and after receiving my a-level results last summer I decided i would also use my year off to study psychology a-level because i had always found it really interesting, and also to revise biology and give it another go to hopefully improve my grade.

I just got back from 9 weeks of backpacking around India, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam which was absolutely amazing and quite possibly the best few weeks of my life to date. So coming home from having the time of my life to the panic and stress of the virus has been really difficult and knocked all motivation out of me
My first exam is in 2 months and im genuinely worried im gonna FAIL so i have to start revising now !

A-level results 2019

Im not going to lie, results day last year was rough... I was expecting A's in biology and geography and a U in chemistry so i was a big old bag of nerves. I remember being handed my results and running back to my mums car and peaking in the envelope and my heart broke seeing that i hadn't got A's in the two subjects i was so sure i'd aced, but i was proud of myself for getting a grade in chemistry !

OCR Biology - B (practical - passed)
Edexcel Chemistry - D (practical - passed)
AQA Geography - B

Current A-levels and predictions

I have two wonderful tutors who i see once, twice or sometimes three times a week who are helping me with biology and psychology. They predicted me grades based on mocks i took in November after id been working with them for 2/3 months.

AQA Psychology - predicted A
OCR Biology - predicted A

Uni application

I want to do biology (C100) at uni so i applied in December and amazingly got offers to all 5 of them ! Because of my A in my EPQ which was about post natal depression and had definite biological aspects, 3 of my offers are lower than usual. I've only had a look around Birmingham but i absolutely loved it and it's my top choice. I was meant to be going to all the applicant offer days before i chose my firm and insurance to make sure Birmingham was my top but due to the virus, all the open days have been cancelled Luckily i have friends at all the unis so I've been able to talk to them about what each one is like and also by looking at the course and previous visits to the cities I'm still confident about Birmingham.

Birmingham - A in bio and B in psych. (lower offer due to A in EPQ)
Liverpool - BB (lower offer due to A in EPQ)
Bristol - AA
Sussex - AA or AB if i firm
Bath - AB (lower offer due to A in EPQ)

Bham is my firm choice and im still unsure as to which one i should put as my insurance. Part of me thinks i should play it safe and go with liverpool because its a lower offer but i love Bath and it's much closer to home which is something i'm taking into consideration.

The overall plan

Psychology - By mid April i want to have finished the course, i only have aggression and schizophrenia left to do which may seem like a lot but the pace me and my tutor are working at is v v fast so it shouldn't be a problem. This will leave me a month re revise for paper 1 and then 6 weeks to revise for paper 2 and 3.

Biology - I haven't revised biology since December which is worrying me A LOT. But i know my strengths and weakness so the plan over the next day or two is to go through the course and blurt for each topic and see how much i remember and then RAG rate all the topics to work out which ones are my top priority and work from there.

Right that was a long post, I'm really hoping this will be useful in helping me get back on track !

Goodluck! I’m doing sociology, RE and English lit. I’ve only started revising now and I regret not starting sooner. I’m sooo stuck
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(Original post by Amedits)
Goodluck! I’m doing sociology, RE and English lit. I’ve only started revising now and I regret not starting sooner. I’m sooo stuck
haha same, it's like i feel so guilty for not revising but then i still dont revise tomorrow im so determined to properly start though ! Goodluck, i am sure everything will work out just fine
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Well that kinda went to sh*t. One day into my GYG blog and A-levels have been cancelled for this academic year....
I'm feeling very confused, worried, and frustrated with the lack of information we've all been given, are we going to have to do our exams in September? meaning we will have to revise over summer and uni will be pushed back?
Or will we get predicted grades? i know they aren't accurate for everyone, and some people have improved since their grades were predicted and the way they are predicted isn't regulated so they aren't fair at all... it's all such a mess.
The only thing right now that would help would be more information on the situation. i hope the government will tell us more soon because i don't want to relax my revising for them to say sike they are happening in July.


today wasn't very productive because i wasn't feeling too great mental health wise. i did some yoga and went on a nice long walk through some fields to get out the house because I've been social distancing for 5 days now and i thought some fresh air would help which it did.

Psychology - i went over some content i realised id missed out on in the gender topic, i wrote out notes from the textbook and then made them into flashcards and went over them twice, a few hours apart.

Biology - I didn't do any biology today whoops

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