what Nike shoes would suit me

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So I’m a pretty short guy with chunky fat legs and a skinny fat build. I initially thought about getting Nike zoom 2k but these are pretty chunky on the feet (as I saw on one of my mates) so they make my legs look fatter (that’s what I think they will do lmao) and then I considered Nike Air Force 1s in the black and grey with the white sole and swoosh color way but then I kind of thought they looked a bit basic. Please help, I’m looking for a pretty versatile shoe that won’t make my legs look too big neither look too feminine under 100€ (could stretch to 115€) in a cool color way, open to brand nevertheless I’m aiming for Nike. Tbh I often wear loose athlesia and the slightly baggier jeans, but I’m trying to change this soon to more fitting jeans. I also looked at the cortez however they don’t look comfortable enough as I plan to use these for light running. At the moment I own a pair of Vans black old school
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Defo the air forces one mid/high (stockx has the best possibilities) ... huaraches? (I don’t think that’s how you spell it) air max 90 .. or air presto .. the rest are expensive in my head like the 270,95,97 or even vapormax ... most of these are mainstream but I don’t know how sb’s or dunks work on you .. so I just put what I like as a feminist UwU

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