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Hello everyone, I'm italian and I've been living in the UK for about two years now. I've recently made up my mind and decided to apply to an undergraduate course. I've received a conditional offer and also created an account on student finance england, however, as soon as I try to proceed with the application through the website, I get told to download the EU20N form.

Now, from what I've been reading, if I use that form I won't be allowed to receive a maintenance loan (haven't been living in the UK for 5 years yet), which I'm striving to get as I'm otherwise unable to fund my studies. I'm 23 and I won't be receiving any money from my parents throughout my studies, but I guess that doesn't make any difference and I'll still be classed as a dependant student, hence I'll still necessarily have to include my parents' income when applying, correct?

I've also been granted the pre-settled status already, just in case it makes a difference. So my core question is, how do I exactly proceed? Should I just download and fill a PN1 form as if I were a UK national instead? Can this be done online rather than via postal services? Is there a deadline for it? I plan to work about 24 weekly hours throughout my studies, from what I've gathered that should allow me to qualify as an EEA Migrant Worker. Am I right?

My last question is about the IELTS. Apparently I'm forced to take a IELTS test to prove my english is good enough, is there a way to avoid taking the test, like, another test I can take instead? The IELTS exam fee is quite high and I don't find it strictly necessary in my case, I'd prefer to avoid this expense if possible... If not, is there a deadline for taking it?

I know these are a lot of questions and that this whole text-wall may look overwhelming to anyone who's going to answer... I apologize for that but I just wanted to be reassured about the correct path to take... Thanks in advance

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