Please help ASAP: last day of school

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I’m year 12 and I’m going in tomorrow either all day or just for the afternoon because I have drama and we haven’t got any work planned in the morning. Anyway, my anxiety has never been so high and none of my teachers know about it, so I really want to speak to one of them about my troubles and to just vent, but I feel selfish since it’s the last day before we all have to part for the next few months. I’ve been crying myself to sleep all week, my family is really unstable and I just don’t get on with any of them at all. I just feel fragile mentally and I need to tell someone before we break up otherwise I don’t know what might happen
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In your morning frees, find a teacher you trust and let them know! They'll want to help you and might be able to email you over the school closure period regularly. Also make sure to stay in touch with friends over this period too over text and calls and stuff so you've got their support too. And when schools close, if you want to talk or are struggling, you could call the samaritans helpline or childline. All the best

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