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Hi so I decided I want to study Cyber Security and Digital Forensics at either UWE or Cardiff, is there any software/operating systems I should learn/expand my knoweledge with over the summer. Or any general advice for the course. Anything is appricated.
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I am a first year student at UWE for Cyber Forensics. DO NOT GO THERE IN MY OPINION. Some of the teaching has been subpar especially the programming modules. They just leave you in the dark. The actual cyber stuff we have done has been good but honestly I've had so many past college teachers saying uni of south wales has an amazing cyber course maybe apply there? Cardiff is probably good too.

With that out the way:

For the Forensic part. Look at software like Encase (paid) and Autopsy (free) they are software that allow you to securely analyse an image e.g. a hard disk image or usb image etc. Other 'cyber' software. Look at FTK imager and KAPE.

Also look at legislation and the UK legal system. Why? Well, once you done the fun part of digging up the crime on a hard disk. You have to learn how to make write a report with legal information in a non-biased way. Go to a website like Westlaw UK and learn what the abbreviations mean in case titles. Don't use the search bar, learn how to use the filter search functions.

Other things would be just understanding what encryption is, look at cryotpgprahy, and software used for penetration testing. Also get a grasp on using Linux operting systems and running commands from the command line. Kali Linux has a lot of fun preinstalled tools for pen testing. You can run these operting systems virtually with Oracle Virtual Box (google it).

I'm not sure if USW or UoC have databases in their courses but if so certianlly learn the fundamentals of making databaes e.g. design and how to use Oracle SQL. Once you know how a database works you'll know better how to secure it from things like SQL injections among other attacks and security pratice.

You will probably have to do some programming whatever uni you goto. Learn C++. Why C++? Well other than making game engines and operting systems, cyber forensics is the other place its widely used and once you grasp the concepts of programming in C++ you can apply those to other languages with more ease.

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