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Kind of at a loss for words here...My friend told me she was feeling some pain in her private parts and said (in passing) that she’d gone through genital mutilation (I.e. female circumcision). She’s over 18. She didn’t tell me when or how it happened but, she is an international student.As a med student I’m kind of lost... I feel I have to report this in some way but I don’t know if it’s appropriate??? I don’t know how to bring it up to her at all.. any advice is appreciated...
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It is a tricky situation, and obviously one that is sensitive, particularity to her
I honestly would try and sit her down face to face and be honest, she may not even realise its a crime. She could be feeling all sorts of ways about it (particularly now she is an adult), but ensure she knows you are there and are willing to talk and help.

Im not sure how you would go about reporting this, but obviously she may not want you to do it, Id for sure mention it to her, it might possibly be something she wants to do and im sure your support would be appreciated.

im sure as a med student youve already thought of this, but it might also be worth persuading her to see a doctor, especially with her experiencing pain (and a doctor may be able to help in terms of reporting it)

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