Am i going to fail my abrsm exam ?!

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Just done my grade 6 piano abrsm exam yesterday .... I dont think i can pass my exam this year , well i can play my pieces pretty well (just with some little mistakes,i think that wont give much effects), i also made some mistake on my scales by repeating it once , my sight reading was good , but i dont think my aural test was doing well cause i made mistakes in many questions make mistakes in many questions cause i am getting nervous during my exam! Does aural test really affects my score?could i still pass my exam eventhought i got a bad mark on my aural test?
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though this came a little late...

I got a very similar situation as you, I just did my piano grade 7 exam and I thought of my exam the same. I just receieved mine result and I got a merit. Aural test is only a small part and it only take up 18 points. So I think you would get way higher that 100 marks if you're sure you did the pieces well.

(Let me know if you already got your result!)
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Don't worry , from what you have said it seems your definitely not failing!

For scales making some mistakes does not matter much, there are much other components for them to consider, such as evenness, tempo, fluency , and most importantly playing the correct scale is fine already. I suppose if you could play all scales with some mistakes and are not too messy, you would at least get 17 marks in the scales part.

The aural part is only 18 marks, and if I suppose you sang something during the singing parts , although it might be very poor, you will still at least get some marks. I suppose you will get at least 4/5 marks out of 18 in the aural.

For the sight-reading, if you didn't make much mistakes and did the details in the score ( dynamics, articulation ) etc, then you would be able to get nearly full marks , for a more conservative estimation, I suppose you get 17 marks here first , but u could probably get 19-20 if you think u did good.

For the pieces, if you didn't make much mistakes, I suppose you will get at least 70 marks out of 90. Since it's grade 6, the examiner would start to focus more on your musical sense and express of emotion , so if you didn't make much mistakes ( and I suppose you did decent in the express of emotion and did details that ought should be done), you would be able to get at least 70 marks out of 90.

So from these calculations , you will be able to get at least 108 marks, but just at a very conservative estimation. I don't have a clear mind about what you mean by answering a lot of questions wrong in the aural part, but if you did sufficient training with your tutor and studied the notes before the exam, 9 marks out of 18 is easily achievable. And sight-reading could be 19 marks if you think you did good. Scales I think you will be awarded around 17 according to your description since repeating does kinda give a bad impression to the examiner. And for pieces, I don't have much details about your performance during the exam, but if you can play the piece out quite fluently u could definitely achieve 70 marks.

So in conclusion, by no means you're failing the exam, and you have a good shot at getting merit as well !!

Have a nice day and remember stay at home, play the piano if you feel bored ! :cool:

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