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I'm sure I'm not the only person who is frustrated by what is going on right now. Feels like school has been such a waste, especially the last 2 years. All that hard work, revision, anxiety and stress and there is nothing to show for it.

Truthfully speaking, I have struggled a lot with my mental health the last couple of years, of course not telling anyone about it cause they wouldn't care, but look what has happened, no one expected this. Who would've thought this virus would have such a large impact in so many different ways?

The way the government has handled this has also been shocking, is it really that hard to come up with a plan and say it all at once, rather than leave everyone in more anxiety, tension and stress?

I understand people are happy with predicted grades, but I disagree. Imagine people who cheat on their mock exams and have high predicted grades, imagine the people who have worked hard and revised in order to do much better than their predicted, it's all a big mess. For me personally, I have started my revision and I've worked really hard, I want to make my parents and teachers proud, but now we've been ****ed around with basically, which is what depresses me more.

Today was also the last day of school (as of writing and before finding out any new information) and I couldn't say goodbye to anyone properly, not my friends or teachers. It might not be that deep for them cause they probably don't really care about me, but I dunno why that is eating me up inside right now.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you did make it this far, hopefully the best and fairest solution is found and hopefully I stop feeling less **** about myself. If people are feeling the same I hope you get better, and please help out if you have any advise.
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