Can't see how I'll ever cope outside of education

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I'm 19. Was homeschooled and super isolated for primary, then went to a state secondary school, hated it from year 9 onwards. Then dropped out of college at 17 to self teach A levels, stuff happened in my life and I got super depressed and lonely and got Ddd in exams (was kinda surprised to get any grades tbh)
This September I restarted college, so I'm in first year again doing A levels, and it's honestly turned my life around, having a routine, new friends and a sense of purpose. I've changed quite a bit since I dropped out which does help. May sound lame but if college is shut for a long time I will really miss it and my mental health is gonna go downhill massively. When I leave next year I already know I'll be very sad to leave but I do want to go to uni.
After uni... I just cant see myself outside of education. I know this makes me sound like such a stereotypical boring nerd but I'm not. I have loads of interests and a decent number of friends. But being in education is sort of what keeps me together. I had two different full time jobs whilst out of college, lasting a month each (seasonal work). First one I coped with pretty well and they practically begged me to come back next year, second one I was sacked because my mental health was so terrible at the time that I just couldn't motivate myself to get there on time. I know I know, it sounds awful.
I think the thing about education vs work is being around loads of people your own age, who you can relate to and converse with on your own level. I get on fine with older people but dont relate to them in the same way.
Anyone else feel the same? Anyone else used to feel the same but it turned out alright in the end?
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It's not uncommon to want to stay in education forever. A friend of my boyfriend's is now studying his third degree! Other people have gone on to do masters, PhDs, and then doing academic research as a job. Everyone thrives on different things, so if being in education makes you thrive then there's nothing wrong with that!

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