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Hi. I’m in year 13 and since Boris announced exam cancellations last week, I’ve been very anxious. To go from a daily routine and be overwhelmed with schoolwork to literally having nothing to do is hard. I can’t focus on pursing hobbies - reading, Netflix, learning anew language. I am sitting in my room, crying as I am afraid of the facts that I still have 6 months until I go uni and the coronavirus is not slowing down. I should be relieved that I don’t have to sit my exams as my predicted grades/mocks are very good. But I simply cannot escape that feeling of fear and anxiety in my mind. I’ve been a student of my school for the past 6 years and it’s so so incredibly difficult to adjust to the new ‘routine’. Are you all feeling the same or am I the only one? What should I do?
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I am in year 11 and I have became very stressed because the only i passed was science. I done one actual exam back in February and i need English. maths geography and business to do a-levels i feel like i wont get given my passes . normally your school will email you or parent/carer about how they give the grades. So do what relaxes you: read a book, watch films, listen to music and call your friends or family members that dont live with you. Also try do some leisure activity in the garden i also recommend head-space which is a mediation bit like pshe..

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