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I'm in the final year of my degree in fashion (not fashion design but a related course).

All of my work is coursework so I've got no exams to prepare for.
Obviously my university has shut for the foreseeable future.

I, however, can't get myself to work and I'm panicking.

I just want to be able to submit all the work i've done so far and call it a day and get a grade based on what i've done, which is actually good work.

There are a few reasons I can't work, (health related):

1) I have type 1 diabetes, and for that I thrive on routine to keep my blood sugar stable. That means exercise and food is very carefully planned out. If I have a high or low blood sugar, I can't focus at all. Therefore, usually my time is very scheduled, and without my normal schedule of going to uni, I am trying to work out a new routine... and it's hard.

2) I have an eating disorder (anorexia). I have had an eating disorder for 13 years (I am 24). If I don't do enough exercise, I feel like I can't eat enough, and combined with my diabetes, I find it really hard to know when I am actually hungry. Therefore, if I think I'm not hungry when I am, I won't eat, as I'm scared of gaining weight, and if I am actually hungry, my focus on work won't be good. Does that make sense?
Also, I feel really guilty about eating when I'm not being 'productive' with work. I know to 'normal' people without eating disorders, this may be difficult to understand.

3) I have really bad anxiety and I also have depression. I feel really anxious. I know all of these things combined sound like I may be making them up. I promise you I'm not. Also, when I am more anxious and depressed, which is being made worse by all this c*19 talk, I find it so hard to do anything.

I am a VERY conscientious student and tbh I feel awful right now. I have worked SO hard for my degree. The first year I had to take a year out cos I had to go into hospital due to my mental health.

I don't know what to do and I'm scared of talking to my lecturers about this. They know I have MH issues but I don't know at all what exactly they know.

I know others have it worse, starving, losing jobs etc. If you plan to tell me that, please don't.

Thank you for reading.
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