Tips for Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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Hi, guys.

Anxiety forms a huge part of another diagnosis I have for a psychiatric condition.

I’m finding it quite hard to manage, particularly with the current lockdown.

Does anybody have any good tried and tested advice on managing those feelings better?

Would prefer to hear from people who’ve tried them themselves but appreciate anything.
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What triggers your anxiety? And what coping mechanisms do you use when your anxiety kicks in? That would a good place to start.

Also, this might sound weird, but it may help. This is just my own opinion. As humans, we all have every emotion to a degree, even the ones who say they don't (like me lol), now I'm not sure if you'd class anxiety as an emotion or simply another state of being, but we've all felt anxiety at some point in our lives, to varying degrees. For simplicities sake, let's consider it an emotion. When we get emotional, our emotions tend to cloud our judgement. I.e. to make a wise decision, we should be free of emotions in our decision. Hence, it's fair to say that anxiety does cloud one's judgement. Our logic is what leads us to making rational decisions. Now, at that point in time, when you feel the anxiety, you need to learn to recognise this distinction. As your anxiety will make you think in certain ways, perhaps about yourself (such as your capabilities, and telling yourself you're not good enough etc.), and you need to learn to spot this difference. Your brain is what should be making your decisions, not your emotions (and following your heart is not the same thing as following your emotions). At the point of anxiety, e.g. if you're about to perform a speech, your anxiety starts taking over. Talk yourself through the problem in your head. Tell yourself, 'right now, my anxiety is trying to take over. But my anxiety is only a feeling. My logic is still there in my brain for me to use, so why don't I listen to my logic instead of my emotions. My anxiety is telling me I can't perform the speech, however, that doesn't really make any sense, of course I can deliver the speech, I'm about to do it right now.' (Easier said than done, I know, but you get the point.)

Don't use avoidant coping as some people do, as running away from your problems will never make them go away, you need to face them head on.
This is something that emotionally mature people often subconsciously use, e.g. in a general disagreement, they don't take it as a personal attack, but realise, through logic, that the other person is merely presenting a different point of view.

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