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Is it worth doing a course that's from a top ranked University even if it's not my top choice? Or would it be better to choose a course that I like better but is from a low ranking University?

I have recieved all my offers and I honestly don't know which to choose. My choices were Rural Business Management year 3at SRUC (but it's a Glasgow Uni degree), International Business and HRM year 3 at Glasgow Caledonian and Business and HRM at UWS.

The Rural Business Management one is nearest to me and it's only 2 days a week of actually being in uni and of course a potential Glasgow University degree at the end, but course wise it's probably my bottom choice.

I also had Business Management & HRM at Stirling as a choice but having looked further it would potentially be £400 a month just for travel, so I think it's out as a choice.
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Look carefully at what each course involves. Look at the first year classes, but also what it will involve in second and third year. Go and visit these university departments once they open again after Covid19 or meantime email any questions you have to the person named on the prospectus as the course coordinator.

The course you feel you would enjoy the best, and the course where staff make you feel welcome, and answer your questions, and are interested in you, is probably the one to choose. Ask them about graduate jobs after the course finishes and where this year's graduates got employment. All of this might help you make up your mind. Good luck!

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