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i am currently at home right now due to the virus but i got lot of work to do and in year9 and in in this year ( i am currently in year 10) i need help with the whole topic aqa Spanish i tried everything i got one more year left and i got other subjects to revise on too i am stressed out how am i able to learn all the grammar and vocab now?
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I really, really recommend using memrise to learn vocab, if you used it once a day until GCSEs you would come out with really good results regardless of where you are now. I know for definite that there are pre-made GCSE vocab decks on there, you just have to look for them on the desktop version (but once they're saved you can use the decks on the app).
Grammar is so important for the gcse so i would highly recommend you just sit down and take the time to learn all the verb conjugations for ar er and ir
this is stupid but it gets stuck in your head (for preterite conjugations). Once you've learned preterite tense, the other tenses mostly follow a nicer pattern.
I would also recommend that you take the time to learn verb conjugations for some of the more relevant irregular verbs.
Mostly, don't stress you still have over a year and you will likely find it far less difficult than you're anticipating,
good luck with revision

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