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I've pretty much come to the end of first year and failed it. I passed my January exams but I haven't handed in any coursework because my mental health has been at its worst during my time here at university. Initially I aimed to get 60% this year so I could transfer to the course I actually wanted to do but now this just seems very unlikely.
I spoke to the professor of the course I wanted to transfer to and he stated that I would still have to get 60% or apply for extenuating circumstances or do a foundation year in science and then transfer to first year again. I feel like doing a foundation year and then first year again is such a long process and it would feel like I was going backwards.
What seemed unfair was at the start of the year I had the grades for clearing for the course I wanted to do and I was told I could switch as soon as I got to university. Once I got here, I was then told I had to stay on my current course and get 60% this year?!
I feel really stuck and unmotivated in this situation and I really don't know where to go from here .
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Have you looked at the process for extentuating circumstances?
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