Btec Level 3 Engineering Further Maths question help!!

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Hi all, I do an apprenticeship and Btec, I was wondering if anyone can help with the following further maths question, it is a complex numbers question:

  1. 1. The reactance of an inductor (L1) in ohms, XL, is given by the equation:

XL = j2 𝜋 f L

Where f is the frequency of an AC source in Hertz and L is the inductance in Henry. The reactance of capacitor C1 (XC) in ohms with a capacitance C in Farads is given by the equation:

Xc = -j / 2𝜋 f C

Calculate the reactance of L1 and C1 in the circuit below at the frequency of 85800 Hertz (for the "circuit below" I have attached it as a .png file)

  • a) Determine the total impedance ZT = (Z1 multiply by Z2) / (Z1 + Z2) of the circuit in ohms using Cartesian number system and polar number system.

This will allow me to show multiplication and division for a sum using both types of number systems, if anyone has knowledge on this subject can you please help???
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