Late period after plan b

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Ok guys, I’m still going to take a pregnancy test but I just want to make sure my worries are valid. So I’m on the pill (4 months now) and I am sexually active. The guy I’m with and I are pretty safe, still using a condom even though I’m on the pill. We decided not to use a condom and that morning I realized I’d missed a pill. Just to be on the safe side I took plan b the morning (only 10 hours after sex). Since then I’ve taken my birth control just like normal and we’ve used condoms every time after. I was supposed to have my period on the week of the 9th and didn’t, so I took a test on the 12th and it was negative. Ive also been really stressed out recently so I figured that could be the reason for the missed period. Last night I was cramping and woke up to bleeding. Is it normal to have a late period after taking plan b? Or should I assume the worst?
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The morning after pill may cause a delay in your period, but it is usually only a one week. I think the most sensible thing would be to take another test and keep an eye on signs, since you took the morning after pill 10 hours later and had a really delayed period. (Also if you are worried I am sure you GP would reassure you. Hope you are fine!

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