Has My Employer Screwed Me Over?

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So, I work in Hospital A and was offered a job in Hospital B (it was conditional pending background checks).

I asked my line manager to give me a reference as they tend to be better than the other staff at my hospital (or so I thought). Due to the crap environment of my workplace ,as well as lack of support, isolation (no idea why my colleagues keep isolating me / giving me the cold shoulder), multiple people had handed in their resignation before the coronavirus outbreak, which made my resignation a month a go shocking / frustrating for the management. Unfortunately, they kept trying to make me stay beyond the notice period stated in my contract, and outright refused to do so. Additionally, I sustained an injury at work, which my local NHS provider hasnt given me much support for (despite the condition worsening - damage to rotator cuff and sternocleodomastoids which is aggravated by driving over 2 hours a day to/from work) and my GP wrote me a sick note. Because fo my injury, as well as the fact I was going through some personal turmoil arising from my nan going into septic shock and me being lumbered with my disabled parent whilst I had to go to work meant that instead fo being given support / shown compassion, my employers decided to give me a performance review.

After putting up with them badmouthing me for 3 hours, and telling me that I would have to be subjected to a review at the end of every other day for a month (really?), they agreed that I wouldnt require further reviews. Instead of mentioning anything nice however, my line manager wrote in my reference that I had a formal review and didnt even mention the outcomes, why it arose and the fact I had passed the reviews, instead painting me to look incompetent (something they did when refering me to occupational health for phsyiotherapy, something I found alarming - why would you tell occupational health grievances with an employee when they are injured and need urgent help).

So yeah, ive been stitched up by my employers. The fact they are refusing to let me go is pathetic and they are constantly mistreating me at work. Its bad enough they scapegoat me, provide me no support and refuse to acknowledge anything I say until there are serious patient safety concerns but dont get back at me for your own incompetencies.
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tl;dr i was offered a job, my employers were refusing to let me leave within the notice period in my contract as they are heavily short staffed (pre-coronavirus, cant imagine how it is now) and have told a half truth to prospective employers, as well as painted me like an incompetent employee with occupational health, when they didnt even need to say anything to the latter.

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