Feeling sickly and getting worried, help me please

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Since last night I've been feeling very sickly like I'm going to throw up, I thought I was going to be sick last night but it didn't come out, even after trying to force it. I woke up today, feeling quite the same. Like I'm going to throw up, I thought I was going to be sick when I was in the shower. I have been burping a lot due to this. And I'm also getting worried cause since Sunday I have been focusing on my breathing, and I don't know why but it's making me sick and distracting me from doing things; watching TV / Doing my uni work and etc. Because I'm just sitting there focusing on it. I want this thing to go away, it's making me so sick and is disturbing me. Has anyone experienced this before?
I can't even enjoy listening to music or watching a good film because of it.
I'm also very bored, this self distancing is so boring. I'm missing people. I even miss seeing/talking to my classmates at university, I miss my family it's making me upset. I feel so alone like I have no one to really converse with here.
Help me! What is going on?
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Maybe you ate food that has gone bad?
I am not a medical expert, so my advice is if you are really a concern, you should ring up NHS 111 and ask for further advice on what action to take. From what you described, it does not sound like the Covid-19 symptoms as published by Public Health England so you can call them and ask for advice.
Social distancing is tough, especially when you live alone and are isolated from everyone. Try calling your friends and family to stay connected, video call is even better.
We all hope eventually the situation will get better, for now, please take care!


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