Guy I like just got out a long term relationship

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So I guy I like has just got out a long term relationship. They were each others first love and obviously he seemed heartbroken over their breakup.
He didn’t talk to me much when the two of them were together, but he says that was because they depended on each other so much, which I fully understand.
They broke up about 2 months ago and since then I have really noticed a difference in how he acts, not only around me but everyone. He is way more open and funny and I had never seen this side of him before. We started to talk way more, spend loads of time together and grow pretty close. I have to say I think I started to become attracted to him.
Turns out he likes me too. Apparently it was obvious to all my friends that he liked me. He even told a couple of people.
I think I like him too, but should I be cautious about the fact he has only just got out a three year relationship. I have never really been with someone before and I’m kinda scared he might just be using me because as I said, I like him too. Him and his ex still talk on the phone but I don’t know whether I should be worried about this or not.
They tried to break up on good terms which may be why they are still so comfortable with each other.
I guess my question is, is it too soon? Am I just setting myself up for heartbreak?
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I wouldnt get involved with someone who still talks to their Ex on the phone. They might be civil and that would be fine by me... But maybe not if they are still practicaly bffs...

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