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Does anyone do Edexcel Politics? Is it like a really hard subject as I’m so interested in taking it and I don’t know anyone who’s taken it. Thank you
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It's a hard subject, yes. But also no.
I took it for A levels, and you should just know that there is A LOT of content to cram into two years. Dont let it scare you though! If you have good teachers and a good work ethic you should be fine. It also helps if you are super interested in politics to make it less challenging. You gotta be super opinionated (I think) for this course and be able to hold yourself in a political debate, you don't have to know all the laws of Britain per say, but you do have to know the processes and the thinking behind it, also the criticisms of that process. Basically you have to also be politically active? In a sense that you engage with the current news (Brexit, Corona, 2016) all of that jazz cause it will help loads if you apply the knowledge you get to everyday stuff.

A topic that you look at are ideologies, and you can look at in-depth some of the thinkers and ideas behind anarchism or feminism. However, this also depends on what your teacher/school decides to look into, as there are about 6-9 whereas if I remember correctly, you only look at three? or four?
It's such a good module. You also look at international politics, my school did American. Again, it is a lot of information but if you can hack it, do it.
As for assessments, they are standard and easy (ofc) if you know the content, you can waffle though? kinda.

personally, for me, I loved politics, but the teachers were poorly organised which meant we didn't finish the course within the two years. They also changed the examination board 1/2 way through the year (although they are similar in content, the assessment criteria changed). I was super interested in it but lost focus just bcs of the general lack of care. I would suggest reading into what your school offers, something I didn't do lol.

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