Best time in the day to message a girl for the first time?

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there's no time like the present
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(Original post by Larsa8N9)
No need ❤️
And great time . I was also suggesting evenings better, at these times people are more free than usual ...
Good luck hun
Thank you, I hope it works out
(Original post by 999tigger)
You could have shared the sunrise together and you would have been first.
Honestly I doubt she would even be awake at 4am, and it would probably annoy her if her phone isn’t on silent and I wake her up lol. Thank you for the advice though
(Original post by CTLeafez)
She's probs gonna be in all day, message her during the daytime! She may be wanting to watch Netflix or getting ready for bed by that time

How old are you? I think you're overthinking it anyway! Go for it and good luck!
I’m 17 and so is she. I’m probably just overthinking it but I don’t want to mess this up. I will have a think about this but I’d prepared myself to message her at 7 so I probably will stick to that. Thank you for the advice though

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