How to start streaks with my crush?

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So I really liked this girl in secondary but never spoke to her but we were always looking at each other in tutor and stuff. It’s not like I was staring btw😂, I would look over and she would be looking. A few weeks ago she followed me on Instagram and then I added her on snapchat yesterday. Im a really shy person and scared of messaging girls I like. I haven’t seen her since secondary and we went to different colleges. I don’t even know if she’s straight tbh. I was gonna start streaks with her as just a start. How should I do it? Should I just send streaks and hope she respond with her own streaks or should I ask? Also if she says no or doesn’t respond does that mean she’s not interested? Thanks for any responses.
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As someone who has been there before... streaks are ****ing dumb! Just start a conversation and talk to her without worrying about keeping the streak going, you don't need to have a conversation everyday nor do you need to send pointless 'streaks' messages. Its more natural. Just pop up with genuine conversation and go from there. Or if you are feeling a bit more confident, be a bit flirty

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