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Nottingham clearing

So it says on the nottm uni website that provisional clearing lists will be up on the 11th and that they will be confirmed later on in the week. I was just wondering if anyone else out there knows they are in clearing and are going to try nottm uni? does the uni tend to have alot of courses in clearing? (because they had quite alot in extra and i also read another thread where someone metioned that nottm has alot of courses in clearing)
i was also wondering if anyone on here has tried nottm for clearing or has actually got a place through clearing-it would be really good to hear you experiences. :biggrin:
I read somewhere that only 1.5% of nottm uni students are there through clearing and thats making me nervous because i havn't got a uni place and i have to get one in nottm because i have responsibilites at home with my mum and so i can't leave her.
sorry for the long post filled with loads of questions :p:
guess i'm just very very nervous...:s-smilie:
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I went through clearing four years ago, and was accepted on a Nutrition course with Nottingham on the day. It was really easy.

I got my A-level results, then went straight home to go on the clearing website. I searched for the course and Nottingham came up, which was the best uni at that time for nutrition. I called them up, told them my results and they literally accepted me on the spot. I waited several days for a confirmation letter through the post, then signed and agreed I wanted to go on the course. I then received accomodation and information packs soon after.

At that time, there were lots of Science courses in clearing, but you should go for a course you will enjoy, rather than studying for the sake of it. It is expensive and you need to put in a lot of hard work!!
Students on campus, Nottingham University
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Thanks for the reply phoenix01 :smile: i just hope that things haven't changed too much over the past 4 years! just out of interest did you do the masters of nutrition or the BSc? Its one of the courses that I am interested in studying. Its very tempting to go into panic mode and choose any old thing just so that I can go to uni this year-but you're absolutely right, uni is an expensive commitment and if you are going to be haunted by a debt of at least £15000 you have to be very very sure about what you are doing :s-smilie:
one more week to go! :eek:
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I took the BSc course because my grades were not high enough for the MSc course. However, it is possible to be transferred from the BSc course over the the masters. If I remember correctly, if you complete the two years of the BSc course, you can then be transferred to the masters, which will take another two years to complete.

There is alot of competition for this route though, and interviews to go through. If that fails, finish the BSc, then take the masters for 1 year after. There would be funding issues with the second route - masters tuition fee and no loan, rather than the lower undergrad tuition fee with loan with the transfer route.

I must warn you though, if you do decide to take this course at Nottingham (and most other biosciences), you will be going to the "farm" campus - Sutton bonnington - 10miles from the main UP campus. There is a free shuttle bus which takes 30mins from the main campus, but I had to live there for 1 year and it was too secluded for me.

Also, the course is very much biochemistry based for the first two years, and very little reference to actual food you eat. So you would complete the course not really knowing much about food, but more to do with food components - "sugars, protein" etc.

Hope I haven't put you off?
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lol :p:
nope you haven't put me off! although a 'farm' campus miles out from nottingham does sound a little off putting...:smile:
I did food at A level so it shouldn't be too much of a shock when lecturers start going on about food as building blocks rather than chocolate and cheese! Just out of curiosity what have you been able to use what you learnt in your degree in your job-I'm not sure but does the BSc lead to you being a registered nutritionist?
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When you finish the BSc course, you can register as a nutritionist, but you will not be a practicing nutritionist (clinically). It is just a "fake" title. You would be qualified to work with food companies, usually involving laboratory based work, or go on courses to allow you to work with the NHS promoting healthy eating. If you do the MSc, you will be a qualified Nutritionist/Dietician.

I finished the BSc course last year, but have not continued in this field. I have been working as an adminstrator for a year, but will go on a PGCE course this september. So a science based degree has allowed me to do a PGCE to become a teacher.

A bit of a waste of my degree, but I love science so at least I have the background to teach this.
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thanks for all of your replies :biggrin:
its really helped
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BobD, the bigger the university the more chance there is it will have something in Clearing to interest you. The really big unis often have all sorts of stuff in Clearing simply because they have so many places and courses. If you're set on Nottingham, keep an open mind and if you have half decent grades you're in with a shot.

Often the stuff that's in Clearing is the less mainstream stuff - so for example they might not be in for History but they'll be in for Medieval History, things like that.
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thanks megaduck, i hope there's lots of choice at nottm uni this year, i think that if i approach this in the right frame of mind it should be ok
*fingers crossed*
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Good luck BobD
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the list is on the web!
Nottingham LLB is not in clearing.
does it mean everyone who have put it as firm should have got in? :s-smilie:
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The list is so limited :s-smilie:
I really hope that some schools havn't released their lists yet and that it will be updated as the week goes by...after all the website said that the list up before the 13th is just a provisional list
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yeah i guess..i'm sure there will be some vacancies for social science courses..ARGH.
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I'm looking at the vacancies for clearing at Nottingham University, and none of the courses look appealing. If I where to not make the grades for Economics, would I have a better chance of getting on a course like Accounting or Industrial Economics through clearing, since I have already applied?? Or are the vacancies, which are displayed, the only ones available to me???