Don’t know what to believe !!!!

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I’m josh, I’m 19 from London and I work as a bartender in the city .
I’m Straight acting by all accounts or what I’ve been told but I am gay. I’ve worked as a bartender for the last two years. 6 months ago this guy joined the team his names Luke, same age, fit guy. Polar opposite to me but we got on pretty well.

After a month we shared common interests I added him on Facebook. Thing is I’m pretty discreet about my sexuality so a need to know basis, close friends and family know but that’s it.
After awhile I started getting feelings for him. I don’t mix business and pleasure so thought best to keep a distance.
At work I was chatting to Luke and our manager Lynn was watching our conversation . Days later and before I know it , she’s informed Luke that she believes I have a crush on him. This was way out of line. Luke takes me to one side and informs me about he’s straight. Which is cool, no probs.

After this though Luke became more attentive to me. Weeks later. Constantly watching me around the bar, i would leave to go home and turn around to see him watching me leave, constant glances at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. This then led to watching my fb constantly and replicating what I was doing, liking same posts, liking more and more of my posts. It was rather odd.. I said this too him and he again reiterated he was straight.

The annoying thing is, I wouldn’t have made a move as I liked our relationship as it was before, but it’s strained now because of Lynn at work. Once a guy knows you like him in that way it’s difficult to get back to the same point .
Thing is too, being on fb, I can see Luke hasn’t been in a relationship for years. And most of his friends post comments about him being gay so not sure what to believe. Once he knew I liked him, he invested more. Not sure what to make of it, we are talking loads of people have made comments on his sexuality for years and can everyone be wrong.? Any help or advice welcome.
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He prefers to be straight while deep inside he is a gay having similar traits as yours. He might have been waiting to spent some moments with you alone and wish to stick around as he finds you his comfort zone when whole world complaints against his needs.

All you have to do is just think from his shoes and you will know what he needs. Forget what public say, listen to your heart. All the Best

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