Why is this happening to me?

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Why am i seeing these weird memories of people I've never seen before ever and why do they keep recurring...whats going with my brain. I somehow know their name and everything and seen their family BUT i have no idea if its true or not... and none of them are in my life right know apparently to my mind. I can remember certain smells and taste and feelings when remembering these memories or false memories. It feels so so so real but i dont know if it is.... can someone help me... i actually think I'm semi insane!
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You might get some of your dreams/ movies when you are a child mixed up. For me, I have always had a very clear image of my grandma when she is young (like 20, 30 something) taking me to the park, and cook apple pie for me. Or image of my mother affair with someone else that I don't know (very unlikely, we were in our grandparents' house, which is in a small village so everyone come in the house would be noticed by the whole village). Sometimes I can smell and taste 'the best thing I've ever eat' but that's weird because I know what I like to eat, and that taste really strange and different (taste like Indian food and I hate Indian food).
That's my experience, but you might actually have some mental disorder of some kind, so get it checked when the covid thing settles.

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