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I'm currently doing school work from home, and I've been asked to submit this question:
Explain why William created the Marcher earldoms. You may use the following in your answer:
•protecting the borders
• rewarding followers.
You must also use information of your own.
Since we are no longer doing GCSEs, this is going to have an impact on my overall grade. This is my answer:
One reason William created Marcher earldoms was to reward his followers (the Normans) who helped him in his invasion of England. Powerful figures from Normandy had helped William’s invasion, such as Hugh d’Avranches family who granted William 60 ships in 1066 since William promised him land and riches if he was victorious. As a result, William declared all the land was owned by him after becoming King, and granted land and earldoms to his followers, including Hugh d’Avranches who became Earl of Chester. Therefore, William created the Marcher earldoms to reward those who helped him invade England.
Another reason William created Marcher earldoms was to protect the borders. Wales was an independent country at this time, so William created Earldoms along the Marches (the Welsh border), called Hereford, Shrewsbury and Chester to strengthen defence and reduce the threat of revolts. As a result of these Marcher earldoms, the Marcher earl could build Motte and Bailey castles as they wished and invest in defence. This meant that the Welsh border was strong, and the threat of invasion was significantly lower, and William could focus on other aspects of control as his new earldoms dealt with Wales. Therefore, William created the Marcher earldoms to protect the English borders.
An alternative reason William created Marcher earldoms was to weaken existing English nobility. The Anglo-Saxon earls e.g. Edgar Aethling, Edwin and Morcar, were very powerful in the country when William first invaded as they held rich lands such as Wessex and had a lot of the population under their control. William knew that if he kept Anglo-Saxons in this position of power, they would have a large advantage in resisting his control as king. As a result, William created more influential people in England (the Marcher earls) to weaken the Anglo-Saxon earls’ overarching control. Therefore William created Marcher earldoms to decrease Anglo-Saxon earl’s influence over the population, and implement his own nobility.

Please can someone give me feedback on it? I've never been good at answering explain why questions, on my last attempt i got 3/8 so some feedback/help would be nice

Thank you if you read this far!

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