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Hi all wondering if anyone experiences the same as me and can help!
So I’ve always had really bad headaches but the past year or so, when I wake up my head feels almost stiff and I have to sit upright on a chair because if I start homework my head starts throbbing, also if I go on my phone before 11am it hurts which means I can’t start revision For like 4 hours. I drink so much water at least 3 litres a day because i feel if I don’t drink I get a headache but maybe I’m drinking too much? I’ve been to the doctors many times and had blood tests etc but they don’t seem to say anything. I have a pretty poor diet and little excersise also
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It’s a pulse cluster migraine > a lot of stuff can cause them > I get them due to me having multiple tumours but you probably don’t > I would say drink more fluids and things like cheese can set them off > tell your doctor and he should prescribe powerful painkillers

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