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Hi all,

This is my first time posting on TSR, so please bear with me whilst I navigate this site!

As someone who connects very strongly with some of the music/bands that they listen to, I just wanted to share some opinions about them, as well as ask for other people’s opinions. Sometimes it’s difficult to find people who like the same music as I do (I’m not trying to be pretentious and say that I’m unique or anything, I just really haven’t come across many people who share the same music interests). I have a few friends that love the some of the same bands as me, but I guess I’d just like to find a larger community of people.

I guess I should start by saying some of bands/artists that I’m really into: as you can probably tell from my avatar, Radiohead is one of these bands. I know that they have a reputation for being mopey and miserable (or at least, that’s how my mum perceives them anyway) but I have always interpreted their music as being emotional and thought-provoking. Then again, I sometimes think about Radiohead being the 90s/00s version of Billie Eilish: ‘miserable’ and ‘edgy’ with a devoted group of followers and a wave of criticism aimed at their supposedly ‘depressed’ demeanour and fan-base. Yes, the ‘14 year-old girl listens to Billie Eilish once and thinks she’s depressed’ meme has become increasingly popular in my instagram feed, but there is, to an extent, some truth in it. I used to get annoyed with my mum for saying that Radiohead were depressing, but to be honest, I don’t blame her anymore. What I perceive to be ‘emotional’ and ‘thought-provoking’ is quite likely to be perceived as ‘depressing’ by someone else – the emotions evoked from music differ greatly between each person and emotions themselves often blur and merge into one another. No, a girl can’t diagnose herself with Clinical Depression after listening to Billie Eilish, but she should be allowed to feel depressed.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I’ve never been so emotionally connected with a band’s music like I have with Radiohead's – so I’m keen to know if there are any other Radiohead fans out there, and what your opinions are. Perhaps you’d like to answer these questions, in order to get a conversation going? I’ll answer them first!

What is your favourite Radiohead album?
Mine is The Bends, mainly because my favourite Radiohead song ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ is on it, as well as some other awesome songs like ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ and ‘Just’, though of course OK Computer is a masterpiece. I’ve also gotten more into their recent stuff lately, for example I was pleasantly surprised by ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

What is your least favourite Radiohead album?
I’d say maybe ‘Hail to the Thief’ – I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t really connect with all of the songs on there, though I do like ‘2+2=5’.

Have you ever seen them live?
I unfortunately haven’t  though it is something I’d die to do, if they ever go on tour again.

I know this post has been quite focused on Radiohead, but I wondered if there were any other bands that people would be keen on discussing? I’m going to make a list of all the bands I like, and then if anyone would like to have a chat about them, or even introduce me to some other bands/artists then I’d be all too happy too!

The list: (I like quite a lot of 80s and Britpop, though I do like some more different stuff like Ska – especially as a sax player. I’d be very keen to gain people’s opinions on that genre)

The Smiths
Big Country
Crash Test Dummies
The Verve
The Divine Comedy
The Specials
Fun Boy Three

Feel free to send me a message about any of these, even if you don’t like them! I think it’s always good to listen to different views, even if they’re very different to your own.

Thanks everyone,
Master Lucius
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I tried for years to 'get' Radiohead but I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that they aren't for me. So many of my mates love them, I don't know why they don't work for me but it annoys me a bit. Another one like that is Led Zep. should love them, but I just don't get it.

Was bang into Pulp in the 90s
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Yeah I have a sax friends that feel that way about Jazz, feeling like they really should like it/want to play it, but never quite clicking with it. I guess music is one of those things where it can’t be forced, and I’d say forcing yourself to like a certain type of music just makes it even harder.

I also love Pulp! As do my parents (who introduced them to me)

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