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Outside Options At Lse

Hi everyone,

Id really like the opinions of students already at the LSE:

which outside options are the easiest/highest success rate? which ones do people usually dislike/fail?
in which year do they count most towards your degree?
how hard are languages? do they need a great deal of outside study time?

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I heard that language outside options students tend to have a higher percentage of firsts.
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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think they reccomend that social anthropology students do a language

it looks like more hours, but id love to get one of my languages up to advanced
just not sure what to do
Apparently PH101 Logic is the easiest option ever. Languages also get high results. The most popular (amongst Econ students i think) is AC100 Elements of Accounting and Finance which is easy but quite boring.

They count most towards your degree in the 2nd or 3rd year since each module makes up 1/9th of your final degree, whereas in the 1st year they take the average of your top 3 modules to equal 1/9th.

I'm thinking of doing either a language or EH101 The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, because it sounds really interesting and the lecturer is apparently really good.
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See pdf. That said, don't follow it blindly - while some courses like PH101 are universally regarded easy, others like AC100 are a walk in the park for those with prior experience, and can be nightmarish for others.
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woopdidoo - i was pretty keen on doing GV101, introduction to political science.... only 3% got 1sts, one of the lowest of all the options

Don't suppose anyone has any views on this option anyway?