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I am currently doing a neuroscience BSc degree At KCL, and am considering going into psychiatry (post grad medicine) or working in AI. I understand to do this I will first need to have a masters in computational neuroscience. However for Birmingham’s entry requirements they have put:

“You must have a strong interest in learning in an interdisciplinary environment and must have substantial quantitative skills. Programming skills in Matlab, Java, and/or C are desirable but not mandatory . Note however that some research projects (e.g. robotics) require excellent programming skills. Students with very good undergraduate degrees from relevant backgrounds are encouraged to apply. These include psychology, neuroscience, computer science, physics, engineering and mathematics.“

When graduating this degree I will have no background in programming yet, however they still say neuroscience is acceptable? Will I be able to apply and get in with just my Bsc?

Also, if I apply for post grad medicine and put computational MSc as my optional choice, would I be likely to be accepted? And should I add anything relevant to my personal statement?

Thank you
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