Nightmare roommate, how can I get out of my contract

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Hi everyone, so I'm a student living in private accommodation, I currently live with 3 other people and since December, 1 of them has been kind of harassing us. Just to name a few things he has done.

1.emptied our shampoo bottles
2.stolen our kitchen stuff (started locking his door even to just go to the toilet around the same time...not suspicious.)
3. Has put his own knives in some cupboards that could have easily cut us
4. Wiped toilet brush into the toilet leaving visable poo on it.
5. I was next door and he starting banging on all the windows and doors, demanding to be let in

He has been doing bits and Bob like that since december which is all well documented. And has been emailed to our reception and management but nothing is being done!

Management has spoken to him but it just made the situation worse, not cleaning up after himself leaving the bathroom in a state ect.

We have repeatedly said in our emails we don't feel safe and he is creating a hostile environment but management has said nothing will be done as apparently he hasn't displayed violent behaviour, but obviously from the above he has. And also said nothing will be done until he actually does a physical act towards us and that the police are involved. But we don't want it to escalate to that and we are actually scared he will do something.

We have only want him moved to a different room, not evicted!

What can be done about this legally? It would of been easy if I only had the problem with him so I could just move but the whole house does so surely he should be moved, especially since he's aggressive.

Also if nothing can be done, my contract has a break clause for special conditions. Can I put forward emotional distress? Have plenty of evidence.


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