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Hi everyone,

Has anyone recently done their interview who wouldn't mind sharing any tips. I am super nervous and have an interview. Thanks
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Hi everyone,

Has anyone recently done their interview who wouldn't mind sharing any tips. I am super nervous and have an interview with Loughborough Uni. Thanks
Dear mabotse

Well done and congratulations on being invited to interview!

To prepare for interview, first ask yourself Why? Why teaching? Why are you inspired you to work with young people and why is your education and understanding of the subject you wish to teach important? Understanding this will help you at interview but also throughout your teaching career! Demonstrate your passion and motivation to teach young people your subject.

Next, know your provider. Do your research, find out what motivates them, their ethos of education and their methods of supporting you throughout the course. Use this research to inform them that you know what to expect on a course and are prepared to complete it. Be prepared to acknowledge what aspects of teacher training you feel you'd need most support in, and explain how they can do that.

Be aware of issues in education. Don't focus on the most controversial or potentially contentious issues, but more of the day to day things, such as safeguarding, assessment, aiding the progression of learning, raising achievement in specific under-performing groups, the effect of mental health on learning, differentiation methods for children with additional needs, etc. You don't need to be an expert in any of these examples, but do have an awareness.

Each teacher training course provider has their own format for interviews. A Teacher Training adviser would be able to help you with the specifics of this interview. Perhaps you've been asked to prepare a presentation or a lesson plan and explain how you'd teach it. Please call us for this support - 0800 389 2500 or you may register here and book for us to call you.

Wishing you all the very best!


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