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Hi, i'm a year 12 student and beginning to think that natural sciences is the route to go due to my love for science. I'm taking A-level maths, biology and chemistry and am thinking of doing an EPQ related to genetics. Looking at the natural sciences courses, I would like to do a mix of biology, chemistry and physics in my first year as it would be wide scope to see what I would like to do in the future (something to do with research definitely), however to do physics A-level physics is most likely required. Does anyone know any courses which do not require physics to study physics in first year of natural sciences? I believe one university did allow you to study physics if you did further maths instead of physics A-Level but I am not doing that.

Thank You.
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As above, it's unlikely you'll be able to study physics within a NatSci course without having taken it to A-level - however you can apply to NatSci courses without A-level Physics, you just won't be able to take that subject in the degree usually. There is a lot of breadth within the biological sciences at university, so you will have quite a wide range of options between those varied areas of the biosciences and chemistry. You may also be able to start a new area of science, such as something within the earth sciences/geology realm or materials science.

Also while officially I believe it's possible at Cambridge, the impression I've gotten from Cambridge NatScis who have posted here that it would be unusual at least to take IA Physics without having done A-level Physics.
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I would look into the following courses:

- Exeter Natural Science
- Leicester Natural Science
- UEA Natural Science
- Southampton Natural Science

These appear to be the only universities that have a general first year and don't force you to pick out 1/2/3 sciences to specialise in at the start. If you haven't studied physics since gcse, I would warn you that a lot of people do find physics quite hard so you may find it easier to do a course where you can study some combination of biological and chemical sciences from the start.

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