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Just thought I'd add my experience to answering this!

I stayed at George Eliot in my first year and it's brilliant, the rooms are fairly spacious too!

Yeah there are blocks A all the way to Y and Z so definitely much more than just a couple
Okay, thank you!
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Hello I have an offer to study English and Creative Writing. What would you recommend I do to prepare for the course before coming? Any particular texts I should look at or prep that would be helpful? Thank you
Hey! So, for the Creative Writing half of the course, a lot of the texts you'll be looking at in Why Write will be given to you during the week, and I think the books you're taught in Introduction to Creative Writing change every year depending on your seminar leader's tastes. I recommend just reading widely and exploring new things during this summer, more than anything else!

For English -- if the reading list is the same as it was for me in 2017, I recommend reading what should be the first book on your Reorienting the Novel course, and one of my favourite books I read in my entire degree - Room, by Emma Donoghue.

The best thing you can do to prep, broadly speaking, is to read widely and practice your writing. Try writing in short bursts (drabbles, for example, or flash fiction). Write from prompts. Steal a random line from a book on a shelf and try to turn it into a story.

The best exercise I did during Introduction to Creative Writing was being told to look at a section of my own writing and to imagine other ways of getting from point A to point B -- so the section started, for example, with the two protags discussing their friend's father, and ended with one pushing the other over onto the ground. My seminar leader encouraged us to look at the scene and try completely reimagining how these characters could get from one point to the other -- the various different routes of dialogue, being interrupted. It's cool to rework a piece once you have a clear direction in mind. I recommend having a play around with your own writing, and also preparing yourself for workshopping. It's important that you learn how to take criticism on your writing, but also to not be disheartened by what you hear. ❤️

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