Suicide Bereavement Research Assignment

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Hey there 👋
Thanks for coming to check my thread out!
Please be aware that this post contains content including suicide and suicide bereavement, which some individuals may find uncomfortable.

I am a trainee counsellor in my final year of the Level 4 Counselling Diploma and the time has come for me to undertake my research assignment. The project involves me constructing a question and doing some secondary and primary research on the topic.

The chosen question is What are the Physical and Psychological Impacts of Suicide Bereavement?
This research project will aim to examine the physiological and psychological impact to individuals affected by suicide bereavement. A secondary objective of the study was to understand and identify the needs of those affected individuals, with regards to seeking therapy for the bereavement.

Please understand that the questionnaire is inclusive to those who have experienced suicide bereavement.
The link to the questionnaire:

Please feel free to leave any feedback on the thread.

Suicide and suicide bereavement can be a sensitive topic, so I've provided some contact details and links to those who feel impacted by this subject.
The Samaritan's number: 116 123
Open 24/7
Survivors of SB:

Thank you for your time,
Please stay safe during this uncertain and difficult time. :suith:

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