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Morning everyone,

I just had a quick question. Is it necessary to do a Language for GCSE (Spanish/ French/ German)? Since I was relatively new in the country in year 9, I decided not to take any language GCSE as all 3 were new for me to learn. However, I looked on websites such as Ebacc and UCL to find out that it is better having atleast 1 GCSE in a MFL (Modern Foreign Language).

Hence, in your experience, do you have any idea if it is a disadvantage not having a foreign language GCSE? Do you know if my further choices and Uni options are limited (especially unis like Oxbridge)? Is there anyone who hasn't done a foreign language GCSE here?

Secondly, may I know what are EBacc and UCL?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks and have a lovely day
By the way, I do 10 GCSE's which includes demanding subjects like Triple Science.
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from what I remember an Ebacc is basically a simply layout of options for GCSEs that high schools have to include like: 1 language, 1 humanity (history or geography), maths, English language and literature and Science (triple or combined). theses are the basics schools have to offer you for GCSEs.
(might want to double check that I'm not 100%)

UCL stands for University of College London it's a part of a group called Russel Group Unis basically unis that do a lot of research into a bunch of different things and because of that people and themselves put them on a high pedestal so it's extremely hard to get into them.

Some unis do prefer you to have a language GCSE like UCL but if you don't they offer an alternative language course that you can study whilst at UCL. If you're not aiming for Oxbridge or Russel Group Unis I personally wouldn't stress about it.

Do your research into possible unis you are thinking of right now and what type of career you wanna get into when your older.

The way I think about GCSEs is they are a stepping stone to get into college and then your Alevels are a stepping stone to get u into uni and your university degree is your key to unlock the rest of the world. The only important things in life after that is your Uni degree and in some circumstances your Alevels too will help.

good luck with your GCSEs. I hope this kinda helped

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