Related to photosynthesis I guess, I need help with this Q, I'd appreciate a lot

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Q) Compare and contrast the oxidative phosphorylation process which takes place in aerobic respiration with photophosphorylation which takes place in photosynthesis.
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Hmm, well it's been a while since I've done Biology, but I'll see what I remember from the top of my head:

Firstly, the most obvious difference is that Photo-phosphorylation takes place in plants and aerobic respiration takes place in animal cells. To be more specific however (because I'm a nice guy, well sort of haha), In the Light dependent stage of photosynthesis, Photo-phosphorylation takes place in the Thylakoid Membrane between the photosystems. Remember that, Photons excite Electrons (increasing their energy) and causes them to travel down an electrochemical gradient through proteins in the thylakoid membrane, in this case from PSII then down the electron transport chain into PSI. At the same time, Hydrogen ions are pumped into the Lumen of the Thylakoid. I will explain this more when I get on to talk about Chemiosmosis. Moving on to Photo-Phosphorylation, there's two main types, cyclic and non cyclic and these occur when light is present! In Non-Cyclic, the movement of Electrons causes the Phosphorylation of ADP into ATP, at the end, the electrons and Hydrogen ions (Hydrogen ions formed as a result of Photolysis where Water is split by light forming 2H+ + 1/2O2) are accepted by a coenzyme called NADP forming NADPH. All you really have to know about cyclic, is that the electrons flow in a cyclic manner, therefore ATP is formed and NADPH isn't formed yet.
Now back to our good friend the Mitochondrion (Which isn't a powerhouse, but more specifically it is the site of many important metabolic reactions, God I sound boring) Oxidative Phosphorylation takes place in the Mitochondrial Membrane (also called Cristae I believe). There are a couple main types of Phosphorylation in aerobic respiration, Oxidative and Substrate Level, I'm just gonna talk about Oxidative. Back to our other friend, the electron transport chain. In oxidative phosphorylation, electrons are transported by electron carriers such as FADH2 and NADH which you may have heard of in previous stages of Respiration. The same principle applies with electrons travelling down an electrochemical gradient and causing H+ ions to be actively pumped from the Matrix (not the movie sadly) into the inter membrane space. An enzyme called ATP synthase (or an upside down mushroom as we used to call it) acts a channel protein allowing the H+ ions to diffuse back into the Matrix, and along the way the energy from this Phosphorylates ADP into ATP. ADP + Pi = ATP! Bam! Chemiosmosis. Also at the end of the electron transport chain, Oxygen acts as the final electron acceptor to form water.

To sum it up if that was too much to read:
Photophosphorylation - Takes place in Thylakoid membrane, Involves Photosystems and electron transport chain, Electrons travel down electrochemical gradient to produce ATP
Oxidative Phosphorylation - Takes place in Mitochondrial Membrane, involves the electron transport chain as well, NAD and FAD involved, Oxygen is the final electron acceptor

I hope that helps, sorry if that was a lot to read haha I'm just bored at work today and I figured that helping others should kill some time
I may have missed a couple things, so correct me on anything!
Feel free to message me if you have any more questions!

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