Lancaster University Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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If you've already applied to Lancaster, or are thinking about applying, you can keep up to date with our information for applicants and offer holders here:
This page will be updated regularly with the latest information.

If you are a current Lancaster student, please visit the student portal: Information for current students

Our thoughts are with everyone affected.
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Hi everyone, just thought id post this important update on lancasters website. not seen this until this morning and has appeared in the Tab student news webpate today also.
click on witll there be teaching, delivered on line on campus or both question........

''We’re making sure we’re prepared for whatever happens. That means being ready to offer teaching, support services and access to our University community on campus, online or through a combination of both.

What this means is that you will still be able to engage with your programme effectively, and receive a high-quality learning experience, no matter what the circumstances.

We know that it’s not just the course content that’s important, and that your student experience is vital too. Across the University, we’re working to maximise the student experience while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

If social distancing affects how we can use rooms, we will prioritise the face-to-face delivery of practical work, laboratory sessions and small group tutorials and seminars over those where social distancing will be more challenging (e.g. lectures).

We are also establishing a set of quality standards for online delivery, should it be required. And through our colleges, Students’ Union and support services, we’re making sure you have the pastoral support you need as well as ways to reach out to each other in our University community.

We are also lucky to have a green and spacious campus. This enables us to plan and organise our space to maximise the safety of our students and staff''''
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