was the inspector a ghost my conclution

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Obviously, I know he is a socialist and perhaps a ghoul as his name suggests (from Goole) - but who was he?
I got the impression that his 'duty' was to warn the Birling's. This is because he earlier cautions them about their ignorance and says they will be met with fire, blood, and anguish (which I will simply refer to as death). The entire play is, perhaps, a 'simulation'. A simulation where events described by the Inspector play out if the Birling's don't change their attitudes and behaviours. From watching the BBC 2015 adaptation, I was more convinced that the Inspector was of supernatural origin. When Eva Smith, or whoever you like to call her, looked out of the window of her bedroom she could not see the Inspector - yet, he can see her. Similarly, the same thing occurs again - in the infirmary. If he were a ghoul, who was all-knowing, why did he choose to target the Birlings? Also, if Eva Smith's death had not yet ocurred (we know it hadn't from Gerald's call to the infirmary), and the Birlings 'changed their ways' as such, Eva Smith's death still would have taken place. In which case, when, right at the end of the play, we see that a girl has died as a result of suicide at the infirmary, how would an ordinary, Metropolitan Police inspector know to visit the Birlings and question them? How would he know what to ask them? How would he have gotten evidence so quickly after the death? It makes sense that the 'Inspector' could have used Eva's diary and a photograph to perform his hoax, and so why other, than being a ghoul, would this being have pretended to be a police inspector. Perhaps the infirmary thought it suspicous that the Birlings called before the death, but is it really hard enough evidence to send a police inspector round to a respectable family of society and question them? If the Inspector were not a ghoul, and really was a police inspector, why didn't he follow procedure - the procedure he appeared to follow upon arrival at the Birling residence. Any response is appreciated - I am just not sure what to think of the ending. I would also love to hear any other speculations over the ending of the play that anybody has. Finally, if you haven't yet watched the BBC's 2015 adaptation of An Inspector Calls, I strongly reccomend it. Thanks in advance! and I personally think that the inspector may be a ghost who was Priestley's mouthpiece and if he was a real inspector he wouldn't be that intimidating because if he was the normal police inspector he would have been respectful to the Birlings considering the class that they had and furthermore if Goole was a real inspector when he heard the name Gerald Croft as Mr. Birling had said that he was well-known person thanks to his father's business he would have been more polite. I think Goole came to the Birlings to show them the right way to behave and since they didn't do what the inspector had said they received a phone call at the end of the play and Goole would have come to bring justice to Eva/Daisy Renton that's what I think hope it helped.
sorry is this is a lot
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This is a big step up from that lunch and bike ride post.

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