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I'm really unsure what to do.
I'm a first year student at university but I'm back living at my father's house as my university is shut. I didn't have to leave university but at the time there wasn't a lockdown so I figured if be free to travel to my partner' s home if the situation became too difficult.
I haven't lived with my father since I was 12 and he left home after my mother went to the police about the situation (she then dropped the case and withdrew her statement but the police callouts are still on record). I ended up in care shortly after but have been working on rebuilding my relationship with both parents since I left care and moved into my own place and then while living at university over the last 4 years (I'm 21 now).
In this time we've reached the pont where I stay over at mums or dad's over University holidays and even visit on some weekends. There have still been tensions and strains on our relationship but nothing more than escalated arguments then usually ended with me leaving that dad's home for either my mums or when she is backing him, I would make the commute to my partner's.
However over the last fortnight things have been very similar to his behaviours toward me before I was 12 and what I witnessed my mother go thorough at the time. I can't stay with her because her health complications make her very high risk due to her immune system being significantly compromised, and my partner lives on the other side of the country so I cannot travel to him. He also lives with his 90 year old grandfather with heart disease so it wouldnt be appropriate for me to go to his especially after taking public transport to do so even if the lockdowns werent in place.
I feel trapped and scared and like a kid again. Any advice would really help.
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I am sorry for the situation you are in. But it is dead scarier to be in that situation with a lockdown I want to say and tell you to go to your moms house to stay in if its not too far away? But with the lockdown I don't know what to tell you because you could infect those in your mothers house, depending on who you end up coming into contact with when travelling there and I do not encourage breaking the law of not going to other peoples house during that time.

So would you be able to advice how far your mothers house is to your fathers? Also how many in that household? Would you be able to get there via a car (if you can drive?)

If it gets violent at your dads, my advice is to call 111 and get the help from there.

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