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I can't decide between the two degrees... cognitive neuroscience with psychology or neuroscience! I am very much interested in both but also find the cognitive neuroscience course appealing as it's pretty much 50/50 neuroscience and psychology. I'm just worried about possible career paths if I do take cognitive neuroscience. The cog psych course I'm looking at also offers a placement year whilst the neuroscience course does not.
However, I also want to take neuroscience as this course offers more lab and clinical experience! It also has some optional psychology modules... I'm just worried that if I take cog psych my options suddenly become very limited- I've looked at some masters degrees and some require a biological sciences degree whilst some only require psychology and other relevant degrees
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Context: I am a second year Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology student at the University of Manchester

So, in terms of content of my degree compared to other degrees. It's, like you say, half biology half psychology. This is great if you want a diverse skill set that is unique from both psychology and neuroscience graduates (which there are a lot of). Compared to neuroscience, essentially they just get more optional units. They receive the same amount of time in the lab as us, apart from the fact they take an extra lab unit in the second year. However, psychology modules have more than made up for it. We have a lot more coursework in psychology, including writing is reports and learning statistical methods properly, which the biology training skims over. Overall, having both makes you stand out, and gives you a more diverse skill set by the end of your degree.

Second, options. My universiry houses neuroscience and psychology in different schools, biological science and health respectively. However, my degree overall comes from biological science. This is a huge advantage in terms of employability, as it makes the degree seem more "serious" compared to if it was classed as psychology. I would argue having a joint honours allows more options. You can get BPS accreditation and become a psychologist, work in research in any area from personality research to pharmacology, and much more. It is what you make of it. This is true for all undergrads, but getting as much experience in a lab as possible is the best way forward, so in a way internships are more important than lab units as part of your degree. Independent research skills are highly sought after. In summary, a joint degree doesn't limit you, just leaves more doors open.

And, masters and further study generally. I am on an integrated masters course, meaning that I graduate with a Masters of science (undergrad). This is useful when applying for Phds and such because the 4th year of my degree is entirely research based, something which many people don't have. For masters, it is common that they look more for your interest in the su next as opposed to your degree. If you have shown interest unt he past in research for example by having an internship or anything like that, that will play a huge role in masters applications. Don't worry about not having the right qualifications. If you enjoy your degree, there will be somewhere that wants you for a masters.

Long reply, I know. Essentially, do what you want to do. You will get a job out of it all, you will be fine. If you have any questions, just post here, I'll try my best to answer them

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