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I have no idea what I'm doing with my life and I'm nearly 18!

At 16, I went to do Animal Care which I loved but my mental health was so badly affected so ended up dropping out midway through the first year. I've been out of education for nearly a year or so but definitely want to go back college. I don't want to go to sixth form because I don't do too well in a formal classroom setting, but love the way things were during BTECS.

I've applied and been accepted to do a catering Btec and I thought I wanted to do that because my current job is working as a Kitchen Assistant. Every since I applied tho, deep down in my heart I know it's not for me.Anyway, I really want to help people and meet new people so have been thinking about nursing. I was thinking about doing a btec in H&S care and then doing an apprenticeship in nursing. Is it possible to do that?

Also, do I have to start on Level 2 and then move on to Level 3, or can I start on Level 3 (if I've passed all GCSES's). Are there any nurses or similar who could tell me what it's like being a nurse, or any H&S care students who could tell me what you do in the course?

Thank you x
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I’m a H&SC student, i’m really enjoying the course, we do a range of units that cover things like working in health and social care, supporting individual needs, psychological perspectives etc. You can find more information about the content of the course online but if you want to become a nurse then it’s perfect. You cover a lot of really interesting stuff like ethics, sociology etc but you also have to do a lot on government policy and procedures in health and social care which some people can find quite boring. It sets you up perfectly to go into nursing though, especially with the work experience you get with it. You can go directly into a Level 3 as long as you have the right GCSE qualifications, which is what i did. You could go on to do a degree level nursing apprenticeship but these are hard to come across, most people will go to university and do a degree in nursing there. If you do want to do this then you will have to achieve quite high grades, probably DMM at least.

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