Durham, Exeter, Newcastle, or Leeds?(unis)

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Hi, I'm an international student from Hong Kong and I've received 4 conditional offers from these 4 universities but having a hard time to decide.

I seem to have trouble finding the good and always see a lot of bad things about the unis like Exeter being racist and all. If someone is able to explain the differences and the pros and cons about each it would be much appreciated!

I also would like to have continued availability of basketball courts around campus like In Newcastle there is leases(public basketball court) near the campus
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Durham is the most prestigious university and probably one of the UKs leading universities after Oxford and Cambridge. It is in a very small city and uses a college system. Exeter again is a top university probably just below Durham in its rankings. It has one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK. Again a small city but a fair bit bigger than Durham with more things like shops. Newcastle is double the size of Exeter and triple the size of Durham. I dont know much about it but it has a very good reputation for its nightlife and has apparently a nice shopping centre. Leeds is the biggest city of them all and will offer everything you would expect in a big city. It has 3 times the population of Newcastle. As far as basketball courts are concerned I really dont know the answer and I doubt anybody on here will. Durham and Exeter are renowned for their sporting excellence and would probably use indoor basketball courts. In our climate there will be little use for outdoor courts for most of your time here as between November and March it is likely to be cold and wet much of the time in the UK. Exeter is likely to be a degree of 2 warmer than the others as it is far more southerly if that is of any concern but it will also probably be wetter as it is further west.

As far as racism is concerned unfortunately you get a very small percentage of racists everywhere. Both Exeter and Durham have had reported instances and highly likely the other 2 as well. Exeter expelled the students from the Bracton Law society for racism and all universities will have large numbers of overseas students. The likelyhood of you suffering racism is actually very low anywhere but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist. You shouldnt base your decision on where to attend on a very small number of bigoted idiots.
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