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Hello everyone,
I am a LSE MSc Finance and Economics provisional offer holder from Rome, Italy.
I also have offers from Warwick F&E (50% fee scolarship) and NOVA SBE in Portugal.
Can anyone give me insights on LSE MSc Finance and Economics and LSE MSc Economics (my 2nd choice) feasibility or any link to studying/past exams material?
When I applied, I was not puttig much hope into being accepted, but now that I have received an offer I want to figure out if I can make it.
I graduated bachelor's with top grades and I scored a very good GMAT, but I don't know if, joining LSE would be too demanding in terms of competencies and previous knowlege.
Main point is I don't want to accept the offer just because it comes from LSE an it's "undeclinable" and find myself in something bigger than me , so if I can get an idea of what the program demands it would be great.
NOVA seems more "safe" on that side, but, even though it has a great reputation for economics, it does not reach LSE level obviously.

Finally, any helpful info on either Warwick F&E or any other uni forum comprehending non UK universities too would be much appreciated.

Stay safe.
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Granted I study law at the LSE, I would say this: LSE gave you a (provisional) offer for a reason, which is they think you would be a good fit on their course.
And even if you do find the course overwhelming at the start, you'll find a way to make yourself better so you can meet the demands of the course. LSE is not looking for nobel prize winners; they're looking for people who show potential, through their grades AND their interest in the subject, to succeed on the course, whether they 'succeed' on day one or on graduation day.
I wanted to drop out of my course so badly during my first year because everything was so overwhelming. But now, at the end of my second year, I am so glad that I hadn't, because I've realised, through hard work and perseverance, I've gotten to a point where it's not overwhelming anymore. That took some sacrifice and some changes, but it was worth it.
I would say, since LSE is obviously the offer you're most scared to take, you should accept it, because it's the offer you're most scared to take. Because it'll force you to improve the most.
Having said that, your other offers are obviously from also highly reputable institutions, so you wouldn't be completely selling yourself short if you declined LSE. And taking into account the 50% scholarship from Warwick, depending on your financial situation, that may be highly relevant.
So, decline the LSE offer if you want, but PLEASE don't do so just because you're afraid you won't be competent enough; it makes me sad that there are students out there who could have been studying at the LSE but are studying at a 'safer' university out of unfounded fear.

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