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KCL Accommodation & Early Arrivals


Hope someone can help with this: I am an exchange student, who will be arriving in London on September 9th. I'm leaving at the end of August on a tour that takes me on a journey from Rome to London, and tickets are already purchased (hence, I can't change the time of my arrival in London).

However, I received my offer for accommodation (to Connaught Hall) yesterday, saying that the move-in date is September 20th. Is it possible for me to move in on September 9th, rather than wait until the 20th? Otherwise, I am stranded with no place to go! =(

Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Just call the Bursar's Office on +44 20 7756 8200 (from abroad, or 020 7756 8200 from the UK) and tell them when you want to move in. You can also email [email protected] but I'd recommend using the phone for a quicker response. It won't be a problem; you will simply get a separate invoice for the extra 11 nights when you arrive.
Waterfront bar, King's College
King's College London
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Thank you for the response. I'll be sure to call soon!

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BTownKTown, I got an offer for International Hall and this is how it went: I accepted the offer from KCL a while ago, and this week International Hall sent me an offer through email, which has to be accepted until 17 August (this Sunday). And this time I am supposed to pay a deposit fee and a registration fee, by postal order, cheque, credit or debit card.
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So I have to pay the deposit fee (ie. confirm the accommodation offer) before I can arrange early arrival?
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Thanks, isablue! I just got that email today, same deal. ToniK - I think so, yeah.
easy, when u send ur application form and the 250 pounds of deposit, attach a letter along with it saying u will be arriving in london earlier and bla bla, and they will issue u an extra bill when u arrive.
oh wait, i had a very similar situation last year and was stuck with this early arrival thing, and as i recall, the hall won't open until the 12th