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I know hence I just summed it up.

If they are trying to go to Cambridge and cant pick it up from the many many posts about it, they arent going to get in!
Pointless post FFS
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Tbh there are so many posts on the whole Cambridge grades "am I good enough?" thing. The answer is almost always it's worth giving it a go. You have to have academics, extra curriculars in a wide range of interests, passion for your subject and a good application.

I do agree with the posts on here that taking extra grades shouldn't compromise the other things but I like my subjects and want to carry on with things that interest me.
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I'm hoping to apply to Cambridge to study History of Art and wondered whether anyone who is either studying the subject there or has friends studying the subject could give me an insight into what the course is like? Is it enjoyable and is it quite a demanding degree? Also, I wondered what professions you intend to go into after with the degree. Any insights would be very welcome. :smile:

In addition, I wondered what the extra-curricular art opportunities were like at Cambridge, if anyone has any experience. I have seen that there are societies at Christs as well at Kings (life drawing ones). Which one is better to attend?

Thank you :smile:
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Hi guys,

I left school in June with 4 A levels, which i got A* A* A and B in, for History, Politics, English Lit. and Art, and started at a very well respected (within the top 10 in the country) uni.

However, I've been here a few days and I've realised I'm doing the wrong course, at the wrong uni, and I'm not enjoying it. Having worked in an antique shop over the summer I've realised I'd love to do a history of art degree, but the uni I'm currently at does a course too specific for me.

My question is will I be penalised by the admissions process for dropping out of university this year? Yes, I know its expensive to go this following September, but i'm not happy where I am, and I think its as big a waste of money to do a course I wont enjoy for 2 years as it is to reapply.

Thank you for your advice!
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Anyone considering applying for 2013 entry around?
My friend has just been invited to Corpus Christi to attend an interview for History of Art, and I'm still waiting to hear from the college I've applied to (Kings). I wondered if anyone else applying as part of the 2013 cycle has heard from their college yet, or if they have applied to either of these colleges?
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hi guys. im a 16-year-old Chinese girl and im now doing 4 As levels which are math, physics, history and hist of art. my igcse grades are A*A*A*A*AABB.

question 1--I know that cambridge might prefer those students who can speak a second language, however english has already been my second language, will it be advantageous to me to learn another language such as french as well? btw, i can speak korean and im learning french now. but the problem is that i rly dont have enough time to do all those staffs together.

question 2--i wont do history of art anymore when i get into year 13 cuz my teacher will go back to UK next year and our school cannot find a second teacher to teach us history of art in China, so i will only have math, physics and history, will it be okay for cambridge??

question 3--i have ABRSM grade 8 in piano, will it be helpful?

question 4--i know that compare to those students who also wanna major in H of A in UK, im at a disadvantage in many aspects: language, course options, no western art atmosphere....but i rly love history of art and i've read a lot of books, i want to try to apply the university of cambridge..does it make sense..?

question 5--i choose claire after i viewed those colleges , is that a good choice?

i would be rly appreciated if any of you guys want to answer me.
Hi i just wanted to ask as well about applying to Cambridge for History of Art. I'm really interested in the subject though I had a little life crisis and choose to apply for English at Oxford instead which was a big mistake. Inevitably I was rejected but I was really thinking about taking a year out and trying again.

I go to a moderately well performing comprehensive but my GCSEs are not very good in comparison to the average Cam applicant. 3A* 5As 3bs (Maths&Sciences) and a C in physics urgh. I'm doing History, English Lit and Art for A level and predicted A*A*A in English and Art. Is it bad that I only have two academic subjects? I did do French at AS but for extenuating circumstances got a C. Should I bother reapplying? Should I only do it if I get 3A*s? Would it be a waste if I reapplied?

Thanks some advice would be greatly appreciated.

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