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I had an argument with her because she was saying she wanted me to stop driving, she said she wants us both to eviromental friendly and use the bus. My whole family drive, apart from my girlfriend who is the only one that doesnt so when we are all leaving for our daily commute we leave at the same time as her so we all getting in our cars then shes walking to get the bus stop Ive not asked her but I dont know how she doesnt feel left out about doing that. I know her colleagues at work who I think most of them drive as well, I walked with her to work once, I walked to the end of the road which was long, her colleagues were all on the road driving straight passed us while we were and my gilfriend was waving.

Obviously she doesnt drive or hold a licence which is fine I guess, I dont know how she doesnt feel left out its so annoying that shes trying to get me to stop driving which really got on my nerves. She was on about enviroment saying she wants us both to save it, save the planet and loads of other bull. If she wants to save enviroment she can on her own so I told her that, she kept saying "Im your girlfriend so do what I say" no Im not letting her ruin my life and take advantage of me. I need driving for my career, I worked so hard to pass my test and everything. I just told her theres no way Im going to stop and then we argued. Most of the time she getts what she wants from me but Im not letting her im this sitution. Last night I just slept downstairs, she slept in my room, I just walked out of our room and said "You can save enviroment, not drive, be the only one who doesnt but Im carrying on with driving" then slammed the door. I was sick of her telling me to do that because she was doing it all evening.
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Ive not see her today and dont think its the right time to sort it out. I need to get it into her head that Im not going to stop driving for her

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